Process Overview

Application & Quotation

Upon receipt of appropriate information concerning company size, location, and product/service, a contract will be provided detailing certification costs.

Documentation Review

Mega Vision Certification reviews the existing quality system documentation offsite in order to establish the following:

  • The documentation addresses all relevant elements of the applicable quality system standard
  • All elements of the system comply with the quality system standard
  • The documentation is appropriate to the customer’s scope of operations
  • The documents are issued, are controlled, and are available to appropriate personnel
  • The system is common to all sites to be included on the certificate


Mega Vision Certification will issue detailed non-conformance and if necessary, request follow-up documentation to verify corrective action.

Quality System Approval Certificate

Mega Vision Certification will issue a quality system approval certificate on completion of a satisfactory documentation review and proof of implementation. The certificate is valid for three years from the date of approval, subject to satisfactory maintenance of approval.


Mega Vision Certification requests customers provide ongoing proof of implementation at approximately six month intervals, annually as a minimum.

Onsite Visit

Mega Vision Certification reserves the right to perform an on-site visit to confirm:

  • The Client has an implemented quality system
  • The Client wishes to extend the scope of his certification
  • There is evidence that the Client’s quality system is not adequately implemented and/or the conditions of the certification are not complied with

Suspension, Withdrawal, & Cancellation of Certificate

In cases where Corrective Action Requests are not satisfactorily addressed, a certificate is improperly used, failure to fulfill financial obligations to Mega Vision Certification or Mega Vision Certification’ Quality Systems Assessment Agreement is contravened, the certificate may be suspended or ultimately withdrawn. A certificate will also be withdrawn if a company does not wish to renew it, or ceases operations.

Appeals & Complaints

Client companies have the right to appeal to Mega Vision Certification’ independent Appeals Committee regarding suspension or withdrawal of certificates. A system also exists should Client companies wish to complain regarding the conduct of Mega Vision Certification’ employees or agents of the company.


During the term and after termination of the agreement, Mega Vision Certification, its officers, directors, employees, and agents shall maintain the confidentiality of any information disclosed by the Client or prepared by Mega Vision Certification in connection with the performance of the services.